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Feb 15, 2021

1:38 story about the important clients that went to Vegas for a Bentley VIP event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway... Continentals or Flying Spurs...while in The Club Room at Dell Frescoes Double Eagle Steakhouse to host a welcome dinner for all of our clients. It was a beautiful room...while the drivers were putting away the cars from today's event, they wrecked all four cars!
5:34 they had a Yokohama truck...could only get through 2 hot laps, before new tires.
5:56 with Derek Bell...going around this road course in a 5500 pound sports car, squealing and humming and he's talking to you, like he's having afternoon tea, " as I go into this corner, we're gonna hit the apex..." It's nothing to him... I'm white knuckled with my hand on the roof.
.10:44 Bentley offered to reimburse flight and lodging due to wrecked cars...I don't think they realized how some of these folks traveled.... a trip for a family was north of $70,000.
16:51 when I was a kid, I was an AJ Foyt fan. You know, I watched a little bit of NASCAR. For me, it was the open wheel racers, and AJ Floyd was the guy. I almost got to meet him. I was in line to get him to sign my poster. I was at Pebble Beach at the time... I remember I had to get to SFO to to get out of town. I didn't get my autograph.
17:50 I did a an event one time at Daytona International Speedway, was on their Rolex 24 course
20:41 very first car personally owned... Opel GT.
20:44 I'll share a story with you about a guy that I know. He's a bi-coastal gentlemen got divorced and bought a piece of land, because he wanted to, you know, kind of like, get off the grid a little bit. And he built a I want to think it's like 25 30,000 square foot building. beautifully. Well done. Wood, stone gorgeous. It's got a 20 by 20. Room in it. That's bedroom, kitchen, living room, closet and storage. And the rest of it is garage buyer for cars. He's probably got $40 million of cars....
23:24 I was a car washer at a lot. We had a line that was called the big line. A line of Fleetwood Broughms that are like 40 feet long.
25:40 "...he looked like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas... his arms hanging out the window...there's no paint on the driver's door where his arms hanging out. Overalls, no shirt..."
27:13 ...the same pickup truck shows up the same father and son with no shirt, wearing overalls walk in. The conversation then turns to how you're going to pay. He says
Jr. Go out and get the money". So he goes out into the car gets a grocery bag, and he comes in and it's full of money. And we're now we spend the afternoon counting dollar bills and $5 bills and $10 bills and $20 bills until we come up to his total...
30:39 Jeff: My dad lived in a penthouse in a high rise outside of Detroit. And he was a car dealer. In the underground parking garage, he had three spots...always had some Corvettes, always had a new Lincoln Mark lll and lV. And the '48 Bentley... the apartment number was on the parking spot...he'd just get a knock on his door... it would be a girl wanting to know who lived there and whose cars those were. That was his Tinder at a time.
31:35 Jeff: he let me drive alone at 9 years old, in a 1969 454 automatic Corvette, and all I did was pull myself up by the steering wheel... I never touched the gas, I would just ride the brake.
32:39 he turned 14 I let him start driving to school alone. Jackson Don't tell anyone.
33:02 Chris sold new Lamborghini Maserati... Lamborghini Countach... 140 miles an hour, and I'm just freaking out
38:03 (Maserati Biturbo) He's lays on the gas in the rain, rear wheel drive twin turbo car, the car breaks loose. He breaks into multiple 360s and spins right into the mouth of this carwash.
41:28 This dealership was top customers satisfaction for all Ford and Lincoln mercury stores, which was I think, more than 5000 stores for something like 15 years in a row and had the highest loyalty factor... I just want to let the world know that Chris worked in this.
44:46 Don Naja. He 90ish. He still sells around 20 cars a month.
50:12 Let me defend the car business to the civilian public. The reason we don't like to give a quote, at a time that you're not going to buy, is we don't know where we're going to be in quota, in cash flow in inventory level, in how old or how aged in stock, the one that you're looking at is, the day you're ready, if the salesperson you're dealing with is one unit away from hitting some bonus that we want to help his family pay bills, there's all these things that we look at.
50:42 why dealers can be afraid to throw a number out: if it's too high, and "safe", meaning safety margin, you probably won't come back, but it's safe and doable in the unlikely event that you would return. Yet if it's too low, meaning we could do it now because (eg.) we're one unit away from a factory bonus, and we're gonna do it. But we don't know if we'll be in that position in three day and then we can't do it anymore. Then you think we made up a number and we were lying. So we don't know which number to hit you. Easily honored and too high for you to return or to the bone at the moment and most likely not possible later!
51:35 if your excuse to leave is that your wife's in the hospital, what are you stopping test driving and asking for an appraisal on your appraisal and your trading and whatever? MY WIFE HAS CANCER! I don't understand you people! (What would that do to my payment?!?)
56:08 I'm holding a cup of coffee and I come through the other side and I spill hit them right here. A cup of coffee on Jay Leno.
1:01:57 (Pilot Frank) And I opened up the door and here's this man on top of the covers in his tighty whities face down snow snoring
1:03:40 it's a Challenger jet. Invited us to Bahamas to gamble one night and invited my father. We're at Atlantis playing blackjack. The casino accommodated us and gave us a $10 to $10,000 limit special table so we can all sit together. I remember being at that card table and saying to him, you know, I got to be at work in the morning. It's like 11 o'clock at night. And you know, here you are in Bahamas, you got to be working in the morning like eight o'clock, right? And it's 11 is it Okay, then let's go. And he calls the pilot. So the pilot knew we were coming. We took a taxi or a hotel limo or something to the plane from saying I need to leave at 11 to being in my bed. IN CLEARWATER, FLORIDA from the Bahamas, was about an hour and 15 minute I said I am playing cards at 11. At 12:15 I'm in bed.
1:12:39 The Ferrari 599 bumper: A Honda Accord, pulls in. The building's under construction. We had this 599 that was backed into a parking spot across from the garage Bay. This little Honda comes in and is, you know, doing a U turn. But he doesn't have enough room to make the turn. So he throws the car in reverse. And he actually backs into this brand new 599 which nobody's seen yet.
1:18:05 "Let's go take a ride" and they drive me into this warehouse and we're in the back of like a Lincoln Town Car. I'm in the back and we're driving further and further into this dark warehouse and I'm actually thinking "they're gonna' get rid of me! I was selling too many Ferrari's into their territory!!"
1:19:21 founder of Wikipedia: he's got a Ferrari that he wants us to service that he says hasn't run in a long time. Can you come get it? Next to his house, is this Ferrari not parked in a garage, that someone's been mowing the grass around it for, I don't know 10 years and there's a tree growing underneath the car through the motor cover that is now creating shade.
1:24:16 lo and behold, you turn left at Fort Myers on I don't even know what the road number is the route number. Going over to Lake Okeechobee. And on the side of the road, with the key in it is this Spyker. He had jumped something with the car and the suspension was like pushed up into the nose of the car.
1:34:21 Chris explains how leasing works and why the wealthy who are very capable of paying cash, choose it.
1:42:37 so you're in a normal parking lot in Miami at a Dunkin Donuts and a brown Pagani pulls in next to me. I'm on my phone doing something else and I'm like, but it's nonsensical.
1:44:44 you drop the hammer on this motor. Well, this seat rips from the floor. And I almost fly out the complete back of the boat and crack my head on the transom of the boat. You didn't even blink an eye. "Don't sue me. I have no insurance!"
1:45:26 we're trudging through Charlotte Harbor, which is a very large body of water. And in this in your 19 foot boat. Next thing, you know, one of these Popeye's offshore racers goes flying across our bow. And then we look to our port side or starboard side, and there's a bunch of them coming in.