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Sep 6, 2021

Miles Ahead Motoring:

Ted's book on Swede Savage:

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9:51 Ted's kids (because he's all about them)

11:40 an extra in 3 movies

13:21 the side burns

14:22 Image (on video version) of Ted in THE FUGITIVE near Harrison Ford

17:42 What does an extra get paid?

19:38 Origin of Miles Ahead Motoring

20:30 Stefan Gregoire.

22:43 Ted on advanced driving for kids

27:29 Ted is 11 and saw Swede savage break the track record....wrote a book about Swede

30:42 Swede survived the crash. He lived 33 days died in the Indianapolis Methodist Hospital on July 2 1973.

31:24 hoe do you break the news to a child that her father was Swede Savage. This heroic figure, this incredibly good looking, racecar driver, who is really right on the cusp of greatness.

35:26 How Swede's daughter relates to children of 9/11 casualties

39:47 '72/'73 was a brutal race season