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Sep 6, 2021

Ted was 11 and saw Swede Savage break the track record in some trials in '73.

1:44 Ted wrote a book about Swede Savage

3:51 Ted brought a transistor radio with him to school, put it in his desk and I had one of those wired earplugs. He turned his head away from the teacher so he wouldn't see Ted's ear plug in. He was listening to the Indy 500. Then he has this horrific accident on lap 59 coming out of turn four.

5:34 fast forward 40 years...Ted met a guy on Facebook in Indianapolis -Paul Powell, who was organizing a trip to the Indianapolis 500 for this woman named Angela Savage.

7:21 here comes the girl who was born three months after Swede's death to Indy. She was showered with unconditional love at the track changed her life.

8:04 How was Angela Savage's life changed in Indy?

9:22 Angela connects with children of parents lost to 9/11

10:45 She didn't realize that people still remembered her father.