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Mar 19, 2021

Jeff Sterns 0:00
So about the new Roma very, very interesting. It's a new v eight, two plus. Now what's interesting is they say two plus but they don't say two plus two. I think you'd have just as much luck getting someone in the backseat of a 911. Don't get me wrong if you had to get somebody across town, maybe sitting a little sideways, it's workable, but you wouldn't want to do any Grand Touring from the backseat. So Ferrari's idea is that many Ferrari's from the past that made both automotive and Italian design history, thanks to their elegance, sophistication and timeless lines. The Roma's design took its inspiration from the concept of sporty elegance celebrated in the most legendary Grand Touring Ferrari of the 60s. The most striking example of those are the wildly successful 250 GTS include including not just the lusso, but also the four cedars that were favorites of Enzo himself, Enzo Ferrari who were talking about, such as the 250 GT two plus two. These cars were front engine, simple, elegant, two plus two fastback coupe design. The Roma shares many of these characteristics and embodies an extremely modern design language. The pure, refined, not loud, perfect proportions cleverly conceal Ferrari's power and sportiness and the multi award winning VA engine punches out over 600 horsepower, and really underscores the perfect marriage of performance sportiness and elegance created by this new berlinetta berlinetta means coupe. So let's talk about the look of this car. So it's very understated. The front of the car looks like it was sculpted from a single block of metal created an overhanging shark nose effect on the car, it is absolutely stunning. The wide front hood or bonnet, as they say in Europe, and fenders, they say wings. In Europe, they flow into one another and it's a very powerful contributor to the design. But it's really effortlessly harmonious if I were to put it into my own words. engine cooling is done by just some small perforated surfaces only were strictly necessary, as opposed to kind of really accenting the vents. I mean, if we think about the mid rear engine cars, or you have the scoop coming in behind the door or in the door, you know, etc, which was kind of a Ferrari trademark, this is going the other way. So the V eight turbo, making 611 horsepower at 7500 RPM has an unbelievable instantaneous throttle response, which I find interesting, considering it's everything's drive by wire now. I mean, you're not pulling the cable to the six carbs. Right. So amazing throttle action. And this is based on or thanks to what's called variable boost management. So this is the turbo not like the old days not needing to wait for four or 5000 RPMs to flip the switch the V eight with a dual clutch gearbox, of course, that's the only gearbox available now, I love the concept of a dual clutch gearbox. I mean, obviously, a human can shift as fast as the Ferrari transmission. So it makes sense in racing. And it makes sense statistically, I personally, personally enjoy the visceral experience of driving a manual transmission. But the beautiful thing about a dual clutch gearbox is one one gear is revving. It spooling up the next gear to hand it over. So there's we're already good on the power curve and the gear below it for a downshift. Of course, we don't have to talk about the exhaust in a Ferrari. I mean, is there a better soundtrack in the world.

Best power to weight ratio in the segment. I got to be honest, I don't know what the other cars in the segment are. But power to weight ratio unbelievable. The room is also using a third generation electronically controlled mechanical diff in the back, which of course offers traction control, but splits the torque between the rear wheels but what's interesting is it impacts the torque between the inside and outside of the wheel. Very, very interesting. So on medium or low grip services really helps in coming out of corners. The rear spoiler that comes up, guarantees almost 200 pounds more rear downforce at nearly 200 miles an hour. I mean, that's important. Let's face it when you're approaching 200 than a Portofino without hurting the efficiency. So remember, we don't want to hurt the efficiency, the fuel economy, and we definitely don't want to hurt the beauty or elegance at lower speed. So in the Roma's cabin, Ferrari's designers came up with the idea to create two separate spaces, they call it cells, one for each driver and passenger. The idea is an evolution of the dual cockpit concept introduced and patented on the GTC for lusso. So the idea is trying to evoke a sense of continuity with the top of the range model in the Ferrari granturismo family, which also has its roots deep in the marks history, thanks to its own strong connection with cars or the likes of the 365 GTC for from the 70s. Let's talk about the infotainment system in the Ferrari Isn't that interesting? I I remember the days when people went for radio delete in Ferrari, because for purity and for let's just listen to the exhaust and let's not get distracted. But now we have infotainment that 30 to 40 buyer has a different demand. Now, when they're pulling up to that nightclub and one of the world's largest Metropolis is enjoying their single lifestyle. They're going to want some infotainment so the technology adopted for the Roma was derived from the SF 90 sturdily, it highlights the future nature of this new granturismo. So this is clear this a GT car when we talk about Gran Turismo, we're talking about something that we can travel distance in style. So the completely digital instrument cluster is integrated with the volumes around and protected by an elegant anti glare binnacle. Just like on a boat which extends out naturally from the dash so it looks organic, it looks proper. And to create a sense of symmetry. The passenger also has an optional they call it in quotes emotional display that allows them to share the driver information very interesting. So let's talk about onboard comfort or interior comfort. There are certain distinctive characteristics that make sure that the room is ideal for everyday driving in long term journeys. Now remember, a lot of Ferrari's are driven 500 or 1000 miles a year they're an occasion car. There are cars and coffee car there attract a car, there a theater car, they're pulling up to a nice party or charity event or that nightclub. We were talking about earlier car, but not so much for daily driving. That just wasn't the idea. Not that you couldn't enjoy that. Now we have a car that had daily driving and grand touring in mind. So they really didn't miss everything. The idea is a Ferrari that thanks to its typical Italian style and driving pleasure, it's a it's like a futuristic take on what finesse life in the 50s 60s Rome. If you think about portrayed by Fellini in La dolcevita that's the idea. That's a movie that inspired other great directors at the time, who also helped make the phrase dolcevita synonymous with life of enjoy luxury without concerns. Not just Italy, of course, but across the world. So if you can imagine being an actor with the girl with the hair scarf and big sunglasses and scarf going out the window or with the top down. But of course this is a coupe. So the Ferrari Roma is lanova dolcevita. So here's the cars. In the Roma competitive class, this is what Ferrari thinks they're up against. And then they want to compare against Porsche 911 turbo, Aston Martin DB 11 v eight coupe, Mercedes Benz AMG GT C, and a Bentley, Continental GT v eight. These would be the other cars on the shopping list. If you're looking at a Roma, I have to admit that's an attractive shopping list.

And I don't want to say Rome is at the top of my list. But like very often in my life. The last one I saw the last one I sat in is the one that I want most when people say, Jeff, what's your favorite I say the one I just drove. So I'll say for now since the Rome was the last one that I spent some time with that that would be my favorite. I hope you enjoy taking a look at this car as much as I did. Thank you very, very much to Ferrari Tampa Bay for giving me a chance to make this piece on the car and to show off their car and they were very hospitable. A great crew up there. This is Jeff Sterns connected through cars. See you next time.

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