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May 26, 2021

3:20 Benjamin is from New Zealand, qualified as a lawyer and a barrister in England. Right?
4:47 Benjamin gets into the recruiting business and set a company record...

6:41 Train others?
7:13 "I realized is that all the sales problems were my own fault."
8:28 Where did the most hated trainer idea come from?

10:32 Not a bad idea to have your wife onboard (and give her proper credit!)
11:27 best motivator
12:32 what were you taught as a child that could prevent you from being any good at selling.

16:44 What is the average salesman thinking when he is making a cold call?
17:46 you don't have to listen to your mom and dad anymore. Stop taking mom to work, leave her at home!
17:54 "I'll be up front. This is a sales call. So you can either hang up now or let me have 30 seconds. What do you want to do?"
20:36 #Cardone vs. #Belfort ( )
20:44 "I think all the online digital stuff is just a nice way of missing they don't have good sales people."
26:20 Salespeople talk themselves out of more deals.

29:21 Can a customer buy "too soon"?
32:06 "How much is this gonna cost me?"... "You know, I don't often get asked that question so early in the process, happy to answer that. But before I do, can I ask you one quick question? Is price going to be the only factor that you're considering?"

34:21 "...we're selling everything at half value today. I'm going to show you the product, let me show it to you. First, it's gonna take me about 20 minutes to go around the whole thing. Then when I'm done. I'm gonna show you the price on it. If you didn't think it was gonna be twice as much. I'll show it to you again."
37:41 "I don't take a pen to a sales meeting. And I have to borrow one. And I look like I act like I'm embarrassed."
43:27 Better to be professional or...?

50:45 "I'm a chameleon. I when I get in front of a prospect, I give them the personality they need to feel comfortable"
52:34 We take the glory when we win. When we lose, it's not our fault. Hmm.
55:31 Looking back on a lost deal
58:30 90% of people in sales are there by default
59:15 "...nobody knows about? Me? I suppose a lot of people would know this. I am. I'm a mini theologian."
1:00:53 "I spent so much time of my life talking to people, I'm in front of audiences, I'm delivering seminars, I'm doing training sessions, I'm recording videos, I'm always once that camera shuts off, I'm an incredibly reserved, quiet, sit at home because I just get sick of people."