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Feb 24, 2021

Charley Woodsby is a self made, very successful man that is worthwhile to listen to due to his natural business acumen, experience that can only come with age (and it doesn't come with age if you don't pay attention!), his humility and faith, he's an achiever and never-give-up and work ethic. Charley is a great family man, friend and car enthusiast! After this conversation, I wondered how I got away with it at no cost! Charley is a wealth of knowledge and constructive reflection! Enjoy, subscribe, comment, share! 3:50 Charley talks about his new book RED LOBSTER THE BEGINNING Buy it here and I get a 5% cut! Ge one for you and one as a gift!

5:28 How Charley really feels about the Bentley Continental GT back seat!

7:58 Is there really a Charley?

9:27 Charley on the value of his staff:

13:57 When Charley stopped driving Rolls:

15:53 When Jeff went through a barrier as a passenger in a Ferrari 360 and was the driver decapitated?

20:28 When Charley stopped riding enduro:

26:47 Charley gets into the restaurant business in NY then, culinary school.

28:50 Charley opened his first place:

29:26 Charley builds a bigger place and goes bankrupt. He was forced to take a job. He became a milkman...

31:22 Charley goes back into the restaurant business.

33:40 Charley is a partner / owner again...and the relationships would affect Charley's future:

36:20 and the Red Lobster concept and location was formulated:

36:53 Charley sets an as of yet unbroken record by opening 72 locations (of a non-fast food) in 3 years!

40:45 Always humble, Charley gives the credit to God. How do you not love that?

41:12 Cape Canaveral engineers to location managers?

43:30 Charley retires...and gets bored:

45:36 Charley on the necessity of college:

49:17 What did people interviewed in line at the original Red Lobster Lakeland, Florida location often say?

53:00 Why didn't the original Red Lobster offer desert?

59:24 Charley on firing employees:  

1:00:00 Charley on training:

1:00:37 Charley on the entrepreneurial spirit of his employees: